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Ray Matz is a former professional roller hockey player, an entrepreneur, and a Life disruptor. However, the most important role he holds is that of Husband and Dad. Each week, Ray Matz is here to help you remember how to stay motivated as a husband and father. His goal is to Motivate and encourage husbands and fathers to Lead, Love, and Live! Join our closed FB men's group @
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Oct 31, 2017

Matt Miller visits Game Changing Dads today. Matt shares his story of transitioning from military to corporate America to running a vending machine business.  Along the way to his entrepreneurial success, Matt made it a priority that his children play a major part in the success of the family business.

Oct 26, 2017

Attention all Dads & Fathers. Don't Miss it! Life is to short to waste. focus on what maters. Our kids love the little things and fun memories. Grab life and run!

Oct 24, 2017

Dale Prax joins us today to share his story of overcoming life challenges, entrepreneurial challenges and leadership at home and in his career.

Oct 19, 2017

breakaway is a situation in hockey in which a player with the puck has no defending players, except for the goaltender, between themselves and the opposing goal, leaving them free to skate in and shoot at will. Break-Away Thursdays are designed to give you Break-Away strategies so you can pull away from the pack and become the game changer you were meant to be!

Oct 17, 2017

Often, as an adult going through difficult times, we don't recognize how our children are processing our stress.  There are life lessons, good and bad that our children pick up from us.  Today's guest is professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese.  Starting with his childhood, his parents went through incredibly difficult times that resulted in part, strained relationships in the family.  That experience is part of what helps Vincent be a game changing dad, by focusing on business decisions that are best for his family. 

Oct 10, 2017

Do you notice how many people lack a smile on their face?  The change a smile can bring to your personality, to your approach in life and to the way people want to be around you is amazing.  Life isn't always easy, but turning a frown upside down can make a bigger difference than you realize. On this episode, we're going to discuss multiple ways you can change your circumstance by changing your frown.

Oct 3, 2017

Buckle up for this one, because you're going to hear one of the most amazing stories of overcoming hardships that most would only experience watching a movie, but this guy lived it.  Tony Nolan started from the bottom and through being introduced to the bible, turned his life into a victory.